What Pool Equipment Should You be Checking

Considering the advice of pool remodeling Plano specialists, we recommend that you take into account the following aspects when considering the equipment and preparation of your pool for the summer period.

  1. Check the cleaning supplies

Before opening the swimming pool, it is recommended that you make an inventory of the cleaning chemicals you already have, and supplement them if necessary.

  1. Remove and store the pool`s cover

Remove the cover and place it in an open area. Brush the dirt off and wash it with a mild detergent. Allow the cover to dry completely before packing and storing it, to prevent damage or mold. Make sure you keep the cover in a dry place, away from insects and moisture.

  1. Inspect the pool

If you have a liner swimming pool, check for rupture or discoloration. Consult the pool builder or a maintenance company for defects that you are unsure of how to repair. In the case of swimming pools made of concrete or fiberglass, look for cracks and check whether the deck has sunken, pulled away or is losing water.

Some minor repairs can be carried out by you, following the advice of professionals; but when it comes to serious defects you should leave them in pool remodeling Plano contractor’s expert hands.

  1. Clean the skimmers, perimeter pool gutter and buffer tank

Remove leaves or twigs that may exist in skimmers or perimeter gutters. Use a rake or a broom and then clean with a jet of water.

  1. Reconnect the pump to the installation

Reconnect the filter, the pump and the heat pump (if you have one) and inspect the water tightness of all the elements. Remove the filter cover to check whether the sand is clogged or can still be used. If it is clogged, you must change it, otherwise filtration will not be effective.

  1. Empty the pool

Empty the pool using the recirculation pump, then wash the walls and the bottom with special substances. Rinse thoroughly with clean water; patch the mosaic if you notice damaged pieces.

  1. Fill the pool with water

Fill the pool until the water level reaches the perimeter gutter.

  1. Start the filtration and recirculation system

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, turn on the pump and filter system. Check for leaks, broken hoses or cracks. If some equipment is faulty or not working properly, turn it off and contact the maintenance company for the necessary repairs.

  1. Use the necessary chemicals

After filling the pool, schedule manual filtration for at least 48 hours and perform the shock chlorination (800g-1kg for 100 cubic meters of water). During this time, the color of the pool water can vary due to the combination of chlorine with various metals or elements in the water. Only after the process has ended, the water becomes crystalline, and you can vacuum it. The water cleaning process may take from one day to 11 days, depending on the amount of metals, sulphates, or nitrates from the water.

We recommend that you prepare your pool early for the summer (end of April, early May) to avoid that sun rays and high temperatures turn the water into a marshy green disaster.

That being said, you can prepare for the last step:

pool remodeling Plano

  1. Jump in the water!