Michigan Art Galleries – A List of Great Places that You Must Visit

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We will start this list of Michigan art galleries with a few places in Detroit and continue with a few other places worth visiting.


Detroit Artists Market

Located at the heart of the Detroit artists’ community, it was founded in the 30s as a place for local artists to sell their artwork. After the test of time has been passed, the Square became the oldest nonprofit gallery in the Midwest. Situated in Midtown neighborhood, close to Wayne State University and the Art Institute, this is a great place to see the work of various artists and feel the pulse of the contemporary art.


Detroit Contemporary Art Museum

Housed in a former 22,000-square-foot car dealership hall designed by architect A. Zago, the Contemporary Art Museum hosts creations of street artists. Its aspect reflects its purpose: urban, nervous and constantly evolving according to the rhythms of the city. A museum that allows and respects changing trends, consistently responding to aesthetic evolutions.



A notable community of both artists and curators, 4731 is a recycled urban space that stands due to its creative and collaborative atmosphere. It includes an award-winning art gallery, but also many studio spaces for local artists. This innovative setting, with the charming Woodbridge district set in the background, won over 4000 awards and the reputation of one of the most exciting places in Detroit.


The Butcher’s Daughter Gallery

Among Michigan art galleries, The Butcher’s Daughter has its own place. It has enjoyed highly successful critical reviews, since its opening, in 2009. It was presented in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and The L.A. Times. Hosting exhibitions on contemporary art, this space sets some high standars. The idiosyncratic name of the gallery is based on the traditional profession in the founder’s family, Monica Bowman; she descends from a line of butchers.


N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art

The N’Namdi Center is considered the venue for contemporary art. Located in the Sugar Hill Arts District, at the heart of Detroit`s art community, it has managed to stand with a strong and progressive attitude. By regularly organizing exhibitions related to social issues such as racial relations, the N’Namdi Center is a great place for those who want to understand better the culture of the city.


William Bonifas Fine Arts Center – Escanaba

If you look for a world of creative and interpretative arts, the Bonifas is a great place where you can visit gallery exhibits, take art educational classes, enjoy theatrical products and more. The Bonifas was created in 1974 and, since then, it has become a home to Michigan artists.


Lansing Art Gallery

Lansing Art Gallery is committed to promote visual art through various community programs that include exhibitions, art education, art gift shop and more – all destined to raise public awareness about art.


Absolute Gallery

Absolute Gallery hosts an eclectic assortment of arts. Everyone can find something to like in the heart of Lansing’s Old Town District, and this variation makes Absolute Gallery one of the best Michigan art galleries.


Cap’n Jim’s Gallery

You can find marine art and the Maritime History in Art Collection,  original nautical artwork and prints at Cap’n Jim’s Gallery in St. Clair, Michigan.