Advantages of Working with a Professional Recruiter

In most of the cases, searching for mental health counselor jobs in Massachusetts requires time and patience and is a process that you can either do on your own, or by hiring a professional recruiter. Searching on your own is free, but it takes a longer time and success is not guaranteed. Using a recruitment agency is a more expensive option, but it has many advantages. Most of these agencies either have their own site where you can find a multitude of jobs that suit you, or have contracts with many employers, so if you are rejected by one of them, you can quickly be reoriented to another employer, who is looking for candidates in your field of activity. This way, the time elapsed from the preparation of a resume to the actual employment is much shorter when you use the services of a professional recruiter.

Another important advantage to consider is the fact that there are no chances that the employing company does not really exist or your contract with it is not respected. Recruitment companies have a history of working with employers and are constantly contacting candidates they placed at different companies to get customer feedback.

Also, if you are not satisfied with the chosen job, a professional recruiter can find you another offer in a very short time, and you will not be required to pay extra fees.

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How to have the best collaboration with a professional recruiter

The fact that you work with a professional recruiter does not mean that finding a job does not depend on you anymore, on the contrary. That is why, in order to have the most fruitful collaboration with a recruiter, you will need to be honest and communicate your real skills – those that you master very well.

In addition, make sure you tell your recruiter exactly what you want. Just based on the CV and a vague statement such as “I will take any job in my field” will not bring you the dream job. Provide your recruiter a detailed description of what you would like to do instead of just tell them different job titles and set a minimum wage with which you would agree.

Many people make the mistake of believing that a recruiter will handle everything they need to find a job. Wrong! On the contrary, even if the reputation of a professional recruiter is based on the number of people that were helped to get a good job, a recruiter simply takes what the client offers and start searching for good matches. He/ she does not have you that your CV is not written in a professional way, that you have communication problems or your appearance does not inspire professionalism. He/ she does not have to do any of these because this is not his/ her job – it is your duty to take care of these things or to call on some career experts.

Besides, there is the possibility of misunderstanding your skills or preferences. As we said before, if you do not clarify these aspects from the beginning, you will likely get plenty of job offers… that are not exactly right for you.