What Are the Current Design Trends for Outdoor Banner Designs?

Design trends change all the time, and that’s true whether you consider the changes in web design, as well as those used in design elements meant for offline marketing, such as banners, fliers or signs. The idea is that you have to keep up with these changes, if you don’t want your graphics to be outdated. And with the current advancements in graphic design, a lot more is possible today than it used to be.

Outdoor banners are no exception, and you’ll find that current trends show outdoor banner design elements that were not present in the past – either because no one thought of them yet, or because the available technology wasn’t as advanced.

Outdoor party banners and corporate banners are definitely in vogue today. Party banners are typically used by entertainment venues to showcase upcoming events. They are large and usually set up in a high place, so that people can see them from a great distance as they drive by.

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The same principle is used with outdoor corporate banners, however, most of these are much closer to the ground and somewhat smaller in size. They are also more orderly in their design and typically following specific geometric rules, such as the integration of photos inside exact geometric elements like circles and squares, instead of just having them show up in freestanding patterns. Also, corporate banners Denver designers typically add a lot of info about an upcoming corporate event, and current design trends typically promote a somewhat minimalist approach for most of these banners.

Sports banners are typically very similar to corporate banner ads, as these outdoor banners also feature precise angles and geometric designs that somewhat symbolize the precision and accuracy needed in sporting performance and sports training. Most current trends typically promote showing framed images associated with the sporting events, as well as sponsor logos, details about the events and a single, catchy phrase showcased in large, bold letters, to draw the attention of those interested.

Finally, outdoor advertising and real estate banners typically offer a lot more freedom of expression than other types of banners. Although the typical appearance of a real estate banner has a picture of a house and some basic listing information next to it along with a touch of minimalist design, newer trends also promote a more complex and artistic approach meant to attract more attention. It’s not uncommon that elements like transparency and high contrast color palettes be used for these banners, as well as elements that frame the photo of the house more suggestively.

For outdoor banners designed to promote an ad campaign, the artistic freedom is almost unlimited; but there are some subtle rules that trends typically follow. Current trends support advertising banners that feature modern, futuristic elements, dark hues combined with edgy designs – such as lightning striking in the background of a showcased product – as well as 3D elements that, despite their simplicity, can create the illusion of a holographic ad. The entire point of all these elements is to create a suggestive ad that persuades people through visual cues, but without being too invasive or bothersome.