Reasons You Might Want to Buy a Handmade Kayak

If you’re thinking that buying handmade kayaks might be a good idea for future outings and adventures, you might have just had one of your most inspired ideas. Sleek, beautiful wooden kayaks that are custom built to fit their user’s demands are impressive gifts that keep on giving. Aside from helping you get some healthy exercise, they can also be great for leisure activities on weekends, as well as fishing and a whole host of other activities.

The Leisure Benefit

Rather than going out to see a movie or to shoot pool in the weekend, you might consider a quick weekend getaway with your friends or family. Of course, if you go near water, you don’t have a lot of options aside from taking a stroll, organizing a lazy picnic or going sightseeing. However, if you and your friends have handmade kayaks, it’s an entirely different story.

 handmade kayaks

Even with a regular kayak or canoe, you can cover a lot of ground (or in this case, water), as you use it to cover large distances on a lake or river. However, custom handmade kayaks can also give you a truly unforgettable experience and a chance to have a time of your life. Handmade kayaks are more maneuverable and easier to use. They can also be handcrafted to fit your body perfectly, and their design can be made to ensure ideal stability and safety while maximizing your speed.

Additionally, many experts recommend using a relaxing, handmade wooden kayak to go fishing, slowly paddle along the edge of a lake to photograph wildlife, or just get some healthy fresh air and physical exercise. 

Your Return on Investment

Imagine you’d rent out a kayak every weekend for about six months, for the next 5 years. If you spend about the price of a movie ticket at a time, which is a somewhat optimistic appraisal, you’ll end up with a pretty hefty sum of money that will pretty much earn you the price of a beautiful wooden kayak right off the bat. If you simply save up that sum and buy yourself a kayak from the start, you can enjoy owning your own handmade kayak and going on outings even more often without having to spend any more.

As such, you can pretty much get a full 100% return on your investment in less than 5 years, which is an overly positive estimate that even the best of stock investments won’t get you. Even if you ask your financial advisor, they will probably agree that buying a handmade kayak would likely be a better idea than investing in stocks.

A Lot of Physical Activity

Not all returns are in the form of money. When you invest in handmade kayaks, one thing that happens is that you’ll have a new avenue for doing some serious workouts. Paddling on a kayak will help you work on your arms, core and upper body strength a great deal, as well as ensuring that you burn a lot of calories and lose a great amount of weight.

Under the circumstances, think of how much you’d have otherwise had to spend on your gym membership, various workout programs and supplements, and on special equipment to do your workouts at home. With quality handmade kayaks, you won’t need any of that, and you’ll become fit in no time.